Running a Successful Sports Bar


A sports bar is a place that offers various activities to its customers i.e. eating, drinking and socializing with fellow clients. Customers also get to watch the latest sports events. Due to the various services being offered, certain expectations must be met. Running a successful sports bars in portrush can be quite challenging can be quite challenging, so certain factors have to be observed.

A sports bar should be packed with various amenities such as alcohol, food, television sets etc. The bar should be properly stocked with the latest drinks on offer. This gives you flexibility, especially when it comes to what the customer wants. Liquor should be measured properly to avoid spillage which reduces profits in most cases.

Staff should be properly trained on how to serve the customers while maintaining a high level of cleanliness. Hygiene should be observed at all times. Waiters should pay close attention to the customers. Teach your bartenders how to upsell to the customers. Upselling involves bartenders suggesting to the customers to try out something expensive and classy. This is a perfect way of boosting your profits.

Upselling is a unique mechanism that means positive earns both for your business and your bartenders. Your serve personnel may receive hefty tips from the customers for suggesting something magnificent. Additionally, keep your food menu in a clear sight. Customers should be able to spot it once they check in. Some clients come to the bar with the idea of only having drinks. However, after they have had much to drink, they will suggest something to eat. Ensure the menu is close to them.

This is a valuable trick which will see you earn double. Both for drinks and food. Kitchen staff ought to prepare food in an efficient manner while observing time. This aids in building customer loyalty. One bad experience with a client can lead to a major fallout with your customers. Staff should also be taught to be friendly with the customers.

The atmosphere should be serene and unique i.e. coming up with new recipes which are unique. Customers should feel relaxed while watching a sports event. Having several television sets gives the clients access to proper viewing. This ensures that the clients do not struggle. Let your business be updated with new technology. It’s a new aspect that excites customers. Also, it will ease all the operations that take place at your bar. For example, the point of sale system. This is a system that keeps track of all the transactions.

The technology ensures a better and improved communication between your bartender, waitress and the kitchen personnel. Such a system ensures that even the busiest nights become bearable. Various promotions such as happy hour, special discounts for loyal customers help in attracting sports fans in your bar.

Sports bars should evolve with current market trends, a good example being Topgolf sports bar which offers state of the art facilities. This entices your clients while at the same time helps in building your brand. With careful planning and the right equipment, your business should remain competitive.

The bar industry is very demanding. It requires much attention in ensuring that all the sections in the bar are running swiftly. It’s also a difficult business to run, some nights you may make very small profits, but that doesn’t mean that you’ll close down. Success means doing it again and again.

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