Force kiteboarding is a brand new kind of kiteboarding that has started to become more popular in recent years. Force kiteboards are powered by kites that contain liquid forces, which are also known as nitro kites. These kites, when pushed together using an air source that creates a vacuum that propels the kiteboard along the kiteboard track. It is important to note, however, that this type of kiteboard has many limitations. Because of its potential limitations, many kiteboard manufacturers have spent considerable amounts of time, money, and effort working on developing kiteboards that have higher kiteboard performance but with the safety and quality standards that are acceptable for competitive skateboarding.

The development of these higher kiteboard performance kiteboards has involved several different approaches. One of the most common methods used involves increasing the strength of the fibers of the kiteboard itself. By strengthening the fibers, the kiteboard can withstand greater thrust and lift without breaking or wearing prematurely. Another method that has helped increase kiteboard performance is to attach a small propeller wheel to the tail of the kiteboard. This propeller wheel provides the kiteboard with an increased turning capability without having to affect the stability of the kiteboard as much.

With the increased popularity of skateboarding and the wide variety of kiteboard manufacturers that have developed high-quality kiteboards with a variety of capabilities, it is not surprising that many kiteboard brands have attempted to develop a liquid force kiteboard of their own. The development of these kiteboards has been helped by advances in kiteboard design and kiteboard manufacturing. One of the most significant developments in the area of kiteboard manufacture has been the development of low-friction materials that have produced some amazing effects. These kiteboard materials have been especially successful when it comes to providing lubrication to the surface of the kiteboard. Liquid force kiteboards that contain this lubricant have been able to reduce the friction between the rider and the kiteboard making for a smoother ride and a more enjoyable experience. In addition, these advanced kiteboards have been especially well received in the professional kiteboarding community, where the very best kiteboard boards are created and used.

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