Five Tips to Make Shallow Water Fishing a Success


You might be a fisherman who enjoys fishing, but prefers deep water. A fishing trip in shallow waters is very different. Here are five tips to help you fish in shallow water.

Take Care when Choosing Bait

You should choose the right bait for shallow water fishing. You will do better if the water is murky or muddy. In this case, you can use darker baits like black plastic worms. Clearer water will work better with translucent baits such as see-through or blues. You want the color to be subtle and not too bright.

Cast the Right Way

Cast sidearm or underhand to reduce the splash and then pull back when your lure hits the water. This will reduce the amount of splashing. A strong cast will cause water to tamper with and create a large splash. This can cause fish to swim away in fear.

Use pitch casting

You should give your lure 3-4 feet of slack when pitch casting. Keep it in one hand. The lure will be positioned exactly where your rod should be. Next, tension your rod to make sure your line is taut. Then, toss the lure in the water and continue the pullback motion until the splash is lessened.

Slowly maneuver the boat

Fish living in shallow water like to hang out near fallen branches and vegetation. You should be cautious when approaching areas like these. Use your motor to drift, and you should leave your electronics off. Fish may become scared and swim away.

The Wacky Rigs

The wacky rig will allow both sides of your rig to move in the water if you are trying to catch bass. This will result in resistance and kicking when you use worms as bait. Your chances of catching fish will increase if the rig doesn’t move more than a few feet from where you cast it.

These five tips will help you fish in shallow water. You will be more visible when fishing in shallow water so make sure you are quiet and invisible.

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