NBA 2K21 – Patch 1.08 Is Here


NBA 2K21 was updated to version 1.08. The update comes for both current-gen and next-gen machines, as well as PC, Google Stadia, and Nintendo Switch. As reported by the users, Patch 1.08 has different sizes. PlayStation 5 players shouldn’t pay too much attention as the patch requires less than 2GB on this machine so it’s not such an issue. If you are playing NBA 2K21 on PlayStation 4, you need to make sure that you have about 30 GB free for the update. Xbox One players need to set aside 42 GB on their gaming machines for the patch. There is no news regarding the size of the patch for the PC version. With such a big file size, it’s natural to wonder how many improvements and bug fixes are included in this patch.

NBA 2K21 The Long Shadow offers a better experience after the update. Several graphical elements such as camera angles have been made better. Players that skipped the story between high school games, had their injuries stuck with them until their NBA career. This bug was fixed. College games will now be more stable. There were certain instances when the Takeover meter didn’t increase. This was fixed too. An issue during MyPlayer builder matches prevented the halftime from occurring. The coach will now correctly put players in the match during overtime in high school matches. The issues that prevented the Game Recap Totals from correctly displaying after MyCareer NBA matches will not bother players anymore. In MyCourt Personal Workout drill, a jump ball would cause a hang. This was fixed as well. PC users that were using the mouse to customize the Gatorade GX Bottle would get a hang. It will not happen anymore after the patch. Certain members of the community have already started posting pictures with the visual changes brought by the patch. Preparations for the Lunar New Year event are underway. The 2K Beach now has some seasonal decorations. We can expect themed events and more during the weekend.

NBA 2K21 will most likely update automatically. You can set the updates to automatic or manual. Most players have it on automatic so they don’t need to bother with checking for updates and applying them. If you have the manual update setting, you will need to go in the Options menu and select the Updates option. The game will start looking for the latest updates, download, and apply them. If you want to buy NBA 2K21 MT coins to help you get more players, don’t forget to check out We have fast deliveries and great prices!


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