The 3 Fundamentals of a good baseball swing


The baseball swing movement is usually something that must be worked on continuously so that it turns into muscle memory. In the end, when the ball’s in the direction of the plate, you don’t have time to think. You simply have time to respond. Listed below are 4 basic principles that’ll enable you improve your baseball swing movement and turn into a more consistent-and dangerous-hitter.

Your feet, your hands as well as your head will be keys to hitting victory. If you can maneuver all of them correctly and in concert, you will place yourself in wonderful position to accumulate hits.

Baseball Hitting Fundamentals


The feet are the basis for maintaining stability throughout your swing. Stability right from the start through the end of the swing is vital to your capability to monitor the ball effectively.

That position must be comfy. You must stand around a bat in addition an arm’s span away from the opposite side of the plate. To make sure you’re inside the correct position, stand in the box and then reach the bat to verify if you are able to touch the contrary side of the plate. If you possibly could, you’ll certainly be in a position that delivers complete plate coverage.

The load is usually when the batter changes all of his weight to his back feet while his overall body moves collectively. The load stops if the back knee and back shoulder are in-line. The load is much like the hammer on a revolver becoming cocked-it’s done gradually and involves a subtle end prior to the trigger is drawn. It is the same task in hitting: the load happens in a gradual and handled way prior to the swing is started.

Finally, the stride occurs next. Front side foot advances in line with the back foot against the pitcher.

After having a nice load and a soft stride, you should be in a well balanced posture and may start to move your hands towards the ball. We train the hitters (regardless of age) hitting the ball exactly where it’s pitched and hit it in to the outfield. Which means should the ball is on the exterior part of the plate, you should attempt to take it towards the opposite field. Whether it’s on the inside section of the plate, you should attempt to pull the ball.


Whenever moving the hands against the ball, avoid instantly extend your arms or push the hands ahead. Continuing to keep the hands back in the beginning of your swing will help you to create a lot of strength with your hip and legs and core before getting your hands through. Whenever you make contact, the eyes will need to see the bat strike the ball. You must hit throughout the baseball, signifying your youth bat velocity must be at its maximum right before contact. This really is an enormous step in creating a better hitting strategy and driving the ball.


The head must be still through the swing action. A simple mental note to help you impose keeping the head still is to consider Ike to Mike. This really is a good saying I discovered from an old trainer and it’s a terrific way to teach hitters.

Ike is in your front side shoulder and Mike is in your back shoulder. You must say hi there to Ike at the start of your swing and say hi there to Mike once you hit that ball. Quite simply your chin is going from shoulder to shoulder as you swing the bat you chose from Youth bat Reviews. You are not in fact shifting your chin, however your swing is revolving your shoulders. If you possibly could control the head through the swing, hitting becomes much easier.

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